Titus Andronicus on YouTube

Julie Taymor directs Anthony Hopkins in Titus.

Scenes from Julie Taymor's 1999 Film



Mary Larson said…
I thought the YouTube video of Titus Andronicus as a cooking show was quite entertaining. I think it was an interesting view on the film and the actor brought about a lot of humor. He started by introducing himself as a host, Titus and he was going to cook a head pie for the audience. He talked about all the things that happened to his family and how he would want revenge on the man who rapped his daughter and serve it to his mother. I think this video was a very funny play and a good, different view of the play Titus Andronicus.
Mickenzie Layson said…
I completely agree with Mary. Plus this movie is so gory and terrible, that I feel a humorous scene was needed to take the edge of the audience right before going back to the gory and terrible feel again.