Much Ado About Nothing on YouTube

Michael Keaton and Ben Elton as Dogberry and Verges in Branagh's 1993 film.
(Image from allrileyedup)

  • Mystiktrueno has posted Branagh's version, with Emma Thompson as Beatrice, Branagh as Benedick, Kate Bekinsale as Hero, Robert Sean Leonard as Claudio, Denzel Washington as Don Pedro, Keanu (Neo) Reeves as Don John, and Michael Keaton as Dogberry.
  • The BBC production: part one, part two.
  • The BBC production from the friar's counsel to the end of the scene.
  • The BBC production.
  • From Shakespeare Retold, a modern adaptation set in a local TV newsroom. The best line comes in Benedick's 2.3 soliloquy: "Love's just one of those things a man grows into—like jazz or olives."

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