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My Favorite "Moment of Happiness/Celebration in Shakespeare"

Last year,  Andy McLean , who was compiling a series of posts for the  Bell Shakespeare blog , asked me to choose my "favorite moment of happiness/celebration in Shakespeare." Here's an explanation of my choice. Henry Stacy Marks (1829-1898), pen and ink drawing of The Winter's Tale Act Five Moments of happiness in Shakespeare often come as a surprise to his characters, the most extreme examples being when loved ones thought to be dead are revealed to be alive. This happens in Much Ado About Nothing, Pericles , The Winter's Tale , and The Tempest . In each of these except Pericles , characters are manipulated into believing themselves responsible for their loved ones' deaths. In Much Ado and Winter's Tale , Friar Francis and Paulina make Claudio and Leontes believe that Hero and Hermione have died of shame. In The Tempest , Ariel appears in the guise of harpy to tell Alonso that his ill treatment of Prospero and Miranda has angered "the powers"

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